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Our Picosecond Laser Technology is powerful enough to remove your tattoo or sunspot pigmentation, yet gentle enough for facial rejuvenation to cleanse and revive.  


Laser Tattoo Removal

Unlike traditional lasers breaking the ink into 'pieces', our Picosecond ND YAG technology laser shatters the ink into particles. Therefore body can absorb the ink easier ensuring faster results with fewer treatments needed.

Pico technology is less painful compared to standard lasers,
coupled with our cooling system, any discomfort during treatments is further reduced.


Our laser works on all skin types and tackles the more stubborn tattoo coloured inks such as green & blue under the care of our highly experienced practitioners.

Book in for a free consultation and patch test to start your tattoo removal journey.


Sunspots, Freckles & Age Spots Pigmentation Laser Removal

Sunspots/age spots and freckles respond extremely well to our Picosecond Laser removal treatment. As the pigment lies in the Epidermis (top layer of the skin), the laser can successfully reduce with precision all body areas including face, chest, back, arms & hands.

The laser targets only the melanin in the pigmented area which absorbs the light without damaging the surrounding skin with generally 1 session using the Pico Laser laser being enough. 

Carbon Facial @ Oldham Tattoo Removal

Carbon Laser Facial

Our Carbon Laser Facial (£60) is one of our most popular facials, being a non invasive, painless treatment incorporating the application of a carbon paste mask. 
The carbon facial mask absorbs deeply into the pores adhering to dead skin cells, oil, dirt & blackheads. Once dried, the light energy from the laser gently 'blasts' the carbon, vaporising it, removing the unwanted particles.
The skins natural healing processes are activated resulting in a collagen & elastin boost, reduced fine lines & shrinking pores. The result is a deeply cleansed, more even tone with improved firmness and radiance of the skin. 
Suitable for all skin types & acne prone skin (not suitable on active acne), with no downtime.

Also try our unique Derma Diamond Facial (£99), consisting a Carbon Facial with Dermaplaning (removal of vellus hair & dead skin cells).

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Scalp Micropigmentation Laser Correction & Removal

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) involves tattooing small dots of pigment onto the scalp to create the look of a shaven head. 

In some circumstances you may wish to have the SMP removed, for example the hairline is not correct or the colour has changed. Just as the process of getting scalp micropigmentation is similar to getting a tattoo, the process of removal is also the same. 

Our Picosecond Laser can remove SMP in fewer sessions and with less pain than other Lasers. The pigment breaks down into small particles and these are removed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system. 

Our trained & experienced practitioners will determine the right wavelength required to carry out your treatment in an effective and safe way when you attend a free consultation.


Eyebrow Microblading & Permanent Makeup Laser Removal & Correction

When you've had microblading or semi permanent makeup on your eyebrows, there’s always a chance you won’t be completely satisfied with the results.

Laser tattoo and pigment removal is the safest and most effective method for its removal, fading or shape correction. Our experienced & fully qualified practitioners ensure ultimate safety and protection of your eyes during the treatment.

A patch test is always performed to determine the correct and safest laser settings dependent on age, size, depth, quality and colour of the original ink used. More than one treatment will required, your practitioner will advise you further when you attend your free consultation.

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